We run a TV production from start to finish.
We produce videos for web use, focusing on creating branded content.
We deliver a whole production process.
We work on the design and implementation of special effects, and we provide technical supervision of film shoots.
We are a creative studio dealing with concepts and scenarios for commercials and TV shows.

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Our experience in working on SFX and Motion Design dates back to the first years of commercial media in Poland. From music videos through graphic design of TV programs to creative advertising. We’ve worked with the best Polish and many outstanding directors from abroad. From ideas, through technical solutions to the final delivery. And when it’s needed we take matters into our own hands and direct ourselves – this was the case with many award-winning music videos or TV designs. Sometimes it’s high-budget film productions, and sometimes you have to find a clever way to fit something spectacular in small money. Regardless of the situation, we always try to be a creative partner and support.

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If you need an idea, a team, content or service and great execution – we know how to produce TV or branded content videos.
We build and lead the production team effectively.
We are multitaskers.
We see the big picture.
We understand the value of time, money and meeting a deadline.
We are well-organized and pay close attention to details.
We stay calm under pressure. When something is unplanned is happening we have always plans B, C and D.
From the decision-making process to wrapping a production, we know how to plan, create, and stick to a budget.

Our head of the production and executive producer, Joanna Romanowska, managed productions for Onet, Discovery TVN Polska, Polsat, TV4, TLC, cooperating with production houses such as Endemol, Golden Media and Fremantle. Producer of such programs as Lepiej Późno Niż Wcale (Better Late Than Never), Dorota Was Urządzi, Misja Pies, Lip Sync Battle, Sposób na Suknie (Something Borrowed Something New) and lead the Studio Lotto project from the beginning managed the broadcasting studio setup and creative development.
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